The Truth : You can have lots of fun after studying a new language for 2 to 3 weeks. But learning a new language takes time, to learn a few sentences takes a few minutes, but to learn a language so that you can handle most every day activies including: shopping, telling time, asking directions, counting, colors, dates, greetings, introductions,and simple conversation can easily take a couple of years. You will need several good resources with audio, grammar and examples and of course someone to practice with. I know, you hear a lot of people say you can learn a language in 3 months, 6 months etc. Real multi lingo people that are honest will tell you it takes a lot longer. And, near to native communication along with reading can take you as long as it took to learn your own language - starting from age 0 to 21, about the time it takes to finish your education including college. Wow, that is 21 years. You can study 1 language your whole life and still need more time to master and refine it. I suggest that one day the peoples of the world will decide on a universal language in addition to our native language so that we can communicate with everyone when traveling and visiting. I have a multi-cultural family and in my immediate family we all speak ENGLISH and SPANISH. Although my grandfather spoke french creo which lead my daughter and I to study french (I think). Through out the years I have studied English, Spanish, French, Italian, Ebo, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Korean, Swahili, Portuguese, Hogan, Nawalt, Cherokee(my grandma, my mothers mom, grew up learning a native american language from her family, but left it to concentrate on English). I actually would say that I speak English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portugese and Italian at varying levels. Although, I constantly use Persian and Arabic greetings because of close friends, but I really don't speak or understand it beyond these greetings. Because of my English, Spanish and French studies I can understand quite a bit of Italian and Portuguese. This came as a surprise to me when I first heard two people speaking Portuguese and I understood them. I remember the shock, I immediately said to the both of them " o my God I understood every thing the two of you were talking about". I repeated in English what they had said in Portuguese, and they answered "yes, that was it". Of course when people say they speak five or six languages fluently I wait to hear their English. And if English is not their native tongue I can tell. Well. I teach foreign language in high School (Spanish). And I have spent several years developing this web-site LingoLover with native speakers of Spanish and Japanese for now. It has taken awhile because I wanted to put together something that would truly assist lingolovers around the world to learn one these three languages, English, Spanish or Japanese. In the future I will add other languages. Note: You still need someone to practice with. I speak English and Spanish daily at home. Due to the fact that I live in America and my family insist on Spanish first. I am still working on a safe way to connect people of different nations so that they can practice. - Love and Peace - learnENGLISH/learnSPANISH